The first impression is what really counts...

Image is very important

Companies around the world are more aware of the importance to communicate clear values to their target client to make their decision easier in purchasing their products, especially for a start-up. I believe your image is a very important thing to make you stand-out in the crowd. If your logo is attractive and sending an interesting message, people surely will pay attention.

My proposal

I'll make a memorable logo for your company & a well constructed corporate image guide book to be able to apply your logo in any given situation without limitations. Interested?. You will see your final logo in 4 simple steps. Live the complicated part for me.

Collect Information

Gather all relevant information needed to understand your company. Using Skype & Google Drive to connect to you wherever you are.

Doodling process

First we start sketching up your ideas to see them turn into a more tangible logos with 3 possibilities to choose from.

Presenting your new logo

Second we proceed with the evolution of your choice into a digital logo.

Corporate image guide book

And finally the last step we creat your complete Guide Book.

Please email me for any question

Example of a Guide Book

Projects that I have done in the past