Tractaments Ekili

Ekili is a health and wellness centre in which we aim to do more than just therapeutic services, by treating our customers directly, honestly, cooperatively and on a personal Ňone-on-oneÓ basis.

Offering a comprehensive service to treat the person holistically and is focused on the integration of some treatment areas which may be different yet complementary: the touch therapies areas such as Physiotherapy, Ito-thermie, Moxibustion area typical.

Project Overview

I help Ekili through all the design. I have created and assess them in the process of building up their corporate image.

I have raised their aesthetics with the world of planets and atoms remaining a solid image, and being as serious as is the company itself.

Project Description
  • Nameing
  • Branding
  • Printing
  • Performance
  • Responsive Design
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