Etna Vilallonga Mercader



Animation and Videos
Print Design
Web Design
Comunication Skills

About me

I'm someone who is fascinated by everything the world can communicate to us and how we can perceive it through our senses and our mind. I consider myself as an enthusiastic, dynamic and very strong person. Furthermore, I love what I do and enjoy everything related to it.

Improve the world/client/industry:

I believe that most of the wars and discord in the world is consequence of not giving the importance to communication and thats reason design and communication are my passion, it is one of the ways we can avoid so many misunderstandings.

My history, work experience:

I am from Barcelona (Spain) born in Taipei (Taiwan) but currently living in Sydney. I have years of experience working for a wide range of companies. I have designed, renovated or assessed their websites, I create processes as to how to develop corporate image by doing that strong companies are build by with highly developed structures and values.

My initial experience is in graphic design, web design, illustration and design management. I have worked as a marketing director for a company dedicated to designing web pages and applications for stock market clients. I have also worked in design management as graphic designer and web designer for companies that specialise in designing social network-based applications.